At NYCAN, we advocate for a high-quality education for all New York kids, regardless of their address. We help create learning environments that best meet every child’s needs by focusing our work on starting earlier, expanding choices, aiming higher, cultivating talent and reaching everyone. Here’s what we prioritized in 2017 to make that happen.

Increase the number of public charter schools in New York City and across the state.

With an ever-growing number of families in the Big Apple choosing charter schools for their kids, it’s imperative we match demand with high-quality supply.

Increase options for low-income and working class families by passing the Education Tax Credit (ETC).

The ETC would expand financial resources for schools without raising local property taxes and provide more options to families looking for a school that’s the right fit

Support the continued implementation of high standards in New York State and their linked assessments.

We need consistent and high standards statewide to ensure all children, in all schools, are prepared for college and career.