2014 was a year of challenge and change in New York State and New York City education. 2015 presents as many opportunities as it does stumbling blocks to design and implement public policy that ensures all kids in the Empire State have a chance at a great education, regardless of their address or who their parents are.

With this in mind, NYCAN presents this State of Education report for 2015—culled from state and national gold-standard data—so that the facts have a level playing field upon which to play. Too often we argue over conjecture and hokum about who runs our schools, who attends them, and how our students perform. At NYCAN, we believe in the power of data to drive conversations about change and to catalyze discussions about how to move forward.

Change does not come without will and effort and it does not come easily, ever. We may not always agree on every policy or strategy to transform our schools, but our children are the most precious thing we have as a society; and giving every New York student a world-class education is as much a moral and social imperative as it is an educational one.

Publish date: January 2015 Number of pages: 56