Session has ended and winter is coming. But before the white ravens announcing the end of summer arrive, let’s reflect on the black raven that came from Albany with news of this session’s victories at the wall and downstate in the five kingdoms of NYC.

Though we continue to disagree with Mayor De Blasio on significant issues of policies, our allies secured significant wins for the charter sector during negotiations for two more years of mayoral control. Thanks to the leadership of StudentsFirstNY, Families for Excellent Schools,Success Academy and many others, progress continues to be made in the Empire State. This year:

  • More students will attend a high-quality charters thanks to a modest lift of the charter cap.
  • Through the budget process, we saw an increase in facilities funding for charter schools.
  • Charter students will benefit from increased transportation funding.
  • The collocation process for charters has been streamlined.
  • Most importantly, The State University of New York has proposed letting some charter operators run their own teacher certification processes. This would be a dramatic and cutting edge change if it comes to pass.

NYCAN is proud to rally with other passionate education advocates to protect students and their families against the storm of lackluster education. Thank you for staying invested in our kids and joining us in the fight. For New York’s students to reach their full potential we need to work together. Our kids can’t wait.


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