NYCAN: The New York Campaign for Achievement Now urges the Legislature to enact S.5647 (Flanagan)/A.9312 (Nolan), which would allow early college high school programs to receive Tuition Assistance Program funding.

Early college high schools are programs established within existing high schools that enable students to accrue college credit while they are still in high school. Students participating in the programs can earn up to two years of college credit before even graduating from high school, putting them well ahead of the curve and significantly increasing their chances of graduating with a college degree. These programs are currently funded through $6 million in state funds, matched by a private donation. Continued reliance on outside funding is unsustainable.

Allowing these programs to apply for and receive Tuition Assistance Program funding on behalf of their eligible students assures long-term sustainability and the potential for growth by offsetting the increased cost of providing college-level instruction, textbooks, curriculum, appropriate staff and other materials. State lawmakers should support the proposal, which would extend resources to make sure that low-income New York students continue to have access to this important path to college.

Publish date: March 2012 Number of pages: 11